While the covid environment continues, events are held online. The link to join the online meeting is below.

Educational Keynote Speaker Meeting
DATE:  Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021
TIME:  7pm Arizona Time
VENUE:  Online via Zoom Platform

The Six Critical Elements For Invention Success

Less than 5% of products ever make any money for the inventor. Discover the six key differentiators that set those inventors apart from the other 95%.

Keynote Speaker

Marcy McKenna

Award Winning Inventor, Entrepreneur and Brand Strategist

Marcy McKenna headshot 2.jpg

Born into a family of inventors, Marcy has been dreaming up products for as long as she can remember. (Fun fact...her grandfather invented the delay mechanism for the bomb in WWII)


In 2012, Marcy came across an opportunity that would finally allow her to take her ideas and turn them into real life products on the store shelf. She became the winning inventor on Kelly Rippa's reality TV venture, "Homemade Millionaire." Her invention, The Style and Go™ Hair Care Valet, beat out thousands of others to become the winner on Homemade Millionaire’s premiere episode. This experience fed her natural passion and created a new journey in life for her.


Marcy's passion centers on creating, curating and commercializing chic and stylish products that keep us organized at home and while traveling. Along with her "Beautifully Organized by Marcy McKenna" product line on HSN, she is now very excited to be venturing into the world of Livestream Shopping both for her own products and also representing others. She does this as an Amazon Influencer hosting on Amazon Live, as well as via Instagram Live and Facebook Live and on her new "Beautifully Organized" YouTube Channel.


Marcy helps teach, inspire and empower others to bring their own product ideas to market. By combining her passion for product development with her decades long experience commercializing products via home shopping, ecommerce and big box retail, her goal is to share personal tips, tools and strategies covering the full gamut of the product development and marketing life cycle so that others can find the most direct path to product success.


AMAZON STOREFRONT: https://www.amazon.com/shop/marcymckenna

WEBSITE: http://marcymckenna.com

SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS: https://linktr.ee/marcymckenna

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