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Inventors Association of Arizona

Wednesday, Jan 6th, 2021

Keynote Speaker Series

7pm (Arizona Time)

Keynote Speaker 


Co-founders XPROMOS Marketing

In1989, Shari Nomady and Yvette Brown broke away from the corporate marketing world to start their own marketing company, XPromos. With their combined talents and synergy, they created a flourishing business creating marketing programs for brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, WD-40, Coca-Cola, Makita Power Tools, as well as an 11 year relationship with Mattel Toys. Over the 30 year span in business together, Shari and Yvette created some of the most well-known campaigns such as LA LOOKS Model Search Contest and Tecate Beer's on-premise merchandising campaign called Cinco "T" Mayo.


Shari and Yvette recently teamed up with a longtime colleague, Cathy Parks, the creator of the PARKS Method of teaching inventors how to successfully sell to stores. Cathy's expertise comes from a unique blend of product development, marketing skills and sales prowess that puts her in a category of her own in teaching the process of selling to retail stores.

You will learn:

Participants will discover how inventors successfully sell to stores using the 5-step PARKS Method. Cathy Parks was part of the Mattel team that built Barbie into a mega-brand. She tested her method while helping Barbie become a billion-dollar brand, and then fine-tuned it by repeating the process year after year with small, emerging brands across multiple categories. 


In this training session we discuss how the pandemic is changing consumer shopping behavior. The pandemic may have forced us to shop online more, but even today over 80% of sales still happen at brick-and-mortar stores. And major retailers are creating omni-channel experiences for their shoppers, such as buy online and pick-up curbside.

As we explain the PARKS Method, inventors will learn:


·      The three most common mistakes people make when trying to sell to

stores and how to fix them!

·      How “the profits are in the journey”.

·      The role of sales reps and how they can help you scale

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