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While the covid environment continues, events are held online. The link to join the online meeting is below.

DATE:  Wednesday, April 6th, 2022 TIME:  7pm Arizona Time (MST)
VENUE:  Online via Zoom Platform

Realistic Expectations in Licensing - The Deal isn't always done when the ink is dry!

Join us this month to learn from Invention Coach and Licensing Agent, Amy Jo Brogan-Wagner.

Amy Jo will share from her experience licensing 2 of her own inventions and coaching many others. Learn from the incredible ups & downs she had to navigate and the licenses with so much promise, that resulted in zero income. You DON'T want to miss this meeting!

About Amy Jo

Amy Jo Brogan-Wagner has always had the desire to be a successful career woman. Beginning her career in the entertainment industry as young as age 13, she became a model and actress. By age 15 she earned her SAG card (Screen Actors Guild) by booking a Barbie commercial for Mattel, and by 16 she graduated early so she could work as an adult on set. In this creative space, these experiences helped her to learn early in life how business is conducted, what contracts are all about along with many other lessons working in a creative field.


When she hit her early 20’s she wanted to get more involved in business practices focused on sales and marketing. This is when inventing fell into her lap, literally!  


Through all the hustle, Amy Jo always had her coffee on-the-go and spilled either in her truck or on herself almost every day. She decided to create a spill-resistant coffee tumbler lid that she wanted to bring to market but had absolutely NO CLUE how to do so. After a lot of research and talks with manufacturers, she discovered the path of licensing.


For over ten years, Amy Jo has had the goal to be a credible, helpful leader and resource for those in the Product Licensing industry. She has licensed two products of her own, one in the kitchenware industry and the other in the beauty industry. 


She has also been working as a Senior Coach for over seven years, helping hundreds of independent inventors learn how to execute the process of licensing successfully. You may know her from her former YouTube channel, Straight 2 Licensing with Amy Jo. She has recently rebranded, debuting her new channel on Friday, March 25th!


Amy Jo believes you always need to go after your dreams. Whenever you feel like you have failed, you should view it as an opportunity to learn, to grow, to succeed! 

  Join the meeting at 7pm Arizona time (MST) on Wed, April 6th via ZOOM

Or, copy & paste the following link to your browser:


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