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Inventors Association of Arizona

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

Keynote Speaker Series

7pm (Arizona Time)


A Lifetime of Inventing

Woody Norris

Inventor of Bola Wrap

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Woody's latest commercialized invention, The Bola Wrap, may help police safely restrain suspects.  The BolaWrap is a device that discharges Kevlar wires outfitted with hooks that wrap around a person’s legs similar to a lasso to effectively render them immobile. They are used by law enforcement to detain those who are not complying with commands — especially someone experiencing a mental health crisis or those under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Woody will share

  • His early experiences in inventing and commercializing products

  • His "light bulb" moment for the development of The Bola Wrap

  • The process he follows when he has an idea for a product

  • How he prevents workarounds, or copycat, product development

  • How to determine if you truly have a great product that will sell

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2021



Woody Norris proves that there is no magic formula for becoming a successful inventor. He has earned over 100 patents and has created a variety of successful inventions to his credit in fields as diverse as sound technology, data storage, transportation, medicine and defense technology, helping to produce billion-dollar markets and generating $300 million in gross licensing fees.


Just a few of his other inventions include:


  • A sonar version of radar to listen to sounds inside the body which allowed physicians to “hear” movement inside a patient. This tool was helpful to the development of the Sonogram.

  • Headsets for mobile phones

  • A hearing-aid-sized FM radio and automobile audio systems

  • A child locater device for tracking kidnapped children

  • An alarm worn by a person to alert him that his artificial hip is starting to separate

  • A design for a vehicle dubbed the AirScooter®, an easy-to-fly, lightweight, inexpensive aircraft that has the ability to hover in one spot while a pilot gets his bearings. 

  • HyperSonic Sound technology (HSS). HSS, or directional sound, targets a listener with sound waves similar to the way a laser beam directs light, so that the individual who is targeted is the only one who can hear it.


Woody has been honored with numerous awards for his work including Product of the Year awards from Popular Science and Business Week, and the 1997 Award for Technological Innovation in the sound category from Discover Magazine. He won the prestigious $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize in 2005 for his HSS technology.


Norris founded and served as Director and President of Parametric Sound Corporation, now known as Turtle Beach Corporation, and also served as Chief Scientist at Turtle Beach. He also founded LRAD Corporation and was the Chairman of LRAD Corporation’s Board of Directors until his retirement in 2010. 



Learn from one of the most remarkable inventors of our time and engage

in a lively Q&A session with Woody.


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