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The IAA holds two meetings per month.  The first Wednesday of each month is dedicated to all inventors, including non-members. At these meetings, we have a keynote speaker and networking.


The third Wednesday of each month is dedicated to the IAA members only.  During this time, we provide hands-on help for individual inventors as they take their inventions through the various stages of development.  These meetings generally follow a think tank format.

Meet the Board

The members of the Board of Directors of the IAA volunteer their time to attend meetings, guide new inventors and assist with managing the direction of the organization.  Each board member has invention experience and has either brought a product to market directly or has licensed it to a manufacturer.  The board has a varied background of experience including business management, marketing, accounting, patent law, engineering, manufacturing and prototyping.

Lisa LloydExecutive Director
Alex Hobson, Secretary

Lisa is very proud to be a professional inventor and is deeply passionate about sharing all the learnings from her success AND failures with others! She deeply believes in service to others and takes a more holistic approach when mentoring. In addition to teaching the tactical and practical steps in business, she believes you MUST also address the challenges in your heart and head!

Alex is president and founder of Invention to Patent Services LLC, a creative intellectual property service company focused on helping individual inventors obtain a strategically written patent at an affordable price. Alex is a registered patent agent with the USPTO and has more than twenty years of experience.  In addition, Alex is an inventor and has more than twenty patents issued in his own name. Alex is a sought after speaker on intellectual property issues.

Peter Grant

Peter is the Patents & Trademarks librarian and Assistant Administrator of the State of Arizona Research Library at the Arizona State Capitol.  Peter has a strong background in the federal patent and trademark process, as well as in conducting professional patent searches.  Peter has been a longstanding member of the IAA and has been instrumental in helping others get started with their inventions, as well as helping experienced inventors move to higher levels.

Wayne Carroll, Director

Wayne received his Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA.  He has experience in patent prosecution and intellectual property including preparing and prosecuting patent applications in a wide variety of electronic, electrical and mechanical arts, infringement, licensing and many other areas. Wayne also has engineering experience in the semi conductor industry  

501c3 Non-profite Organization

Fully tax deductible

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